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Schema Therapy & EMDR Specialist

When is EMDR used?

Certain events can leave a distinctive mark on people’s lives. A large part of people affected by negative events process on their own accord using their own resources. Other’s develop psychological problems, usually whereby the traumatic event is being re-experienced, for example in fearful images (flashbacks) and nightmares. Other symptoms that often occur are fear and avoidance responses. This is generally referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety based disorders. These are problems caused by a specific, horrific event, whereby thinking of this event still gives a strong emotional reaction.

Is EMDR effective?

There has been a lot of scientific research done to establish the effectiveness of EMDR. The results show that clients responds well to EMDR.


EMDR is a brief therapy. Especially when people have experienced one single traumatic event, after a few EMDR sessions they are able to continue with their daily activities such as work and study. The treatment of traumatic/complex events may require more time.

Is EMDR an option for me?

During the assessment the focus lies with the possible causes and background to your problems. Your specific circumstances will be assessed with special attention to your strengths and the level of difficulties you are experiencing as a result of your psychological problems. Only then the decision is made whether trauma treatment and more specifically EMDR is the treatment of choice.

How does EMDR work?